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 Event Marketing: Sponsorships and Partnerships

The MCLife brand is Sharing the Good LifeTM  with the communities that we operate in. We strive to embody the MCLife Lifestyle that we offer to each and every one of our residents.


One of the key elements of our social marketing engine is our partnership and event marketing programs.  We are constantly looking for new partnerships to forge with local businesses, organizations and events across our seven regions. We align our brand with the interests our current and future residents are passionate about and continue to grow our social media footprint.


Our partnerships include social media sponsorship campaigns that are featured on our regional MCLife social platforms.  We provide social media sponsorships for festivals, concerts, exhibitions, fundraisers and many other events. Some of our strongest partnerships are with Yelp, PRIDE Organizations, Humane Societies, Bicycle and Cycling events and Foodie events.


In addition to our digital campaigns, MCLife has a strong presence at the events to engage and interact with the public, personally spreading the MCLife brand. This gives us the opportunity to reach our ideal market both digitally and physically, and Share the Good LifeTM!




MCLife provides social media sponsorship at 30-50 events every year and attends them all with a bang! We have developed and continue to maintain over 60 partnerships across Arizona, Texas and Oklahoma. This past year alone, our social media sponsorship campaigns have captured over 13 million impressions and accumulated over 100,000 MCLife regional webpage views.