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Here at MCLife, we do things a bit differently.

While sparking pools and amenities make an apartment community better, we believe what really matters is the community around you!

Whether you live in an MCLife community in Arizona, Texas, or Oklahoma, you can find the MCLife 5-5-5 to guide you to all things hyper local in your neighborhood. What does that mean? The MCLife 5-5-5 was designed to pick out the 5 best places to eat, shop and play within 5 minutes or 5 miles from each of our MCLife communities.

When you go to any one of our websites, check out the big map on the homepage. This map shows you where each of our communities are in each city, along with the MC 5-5-5. Here’s what the pins mean:

  • — locations of our MCLife apartment communities
  • – “EAT” locations of restaurants and bars around our communities
  • – “SHOP” locations of stores and boutiques around our communities
  • – “PLAY” locations of parks, theaters, concert halls and attractions around our communities